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Silent Motion Yoga

Classical Yoga and Vedanta

We employ the classical yoga methods of:
  • Yoga Poses (asanas)
  • Meditation (dhyana)
  • Breathing Exercises (pranayama)
  • Self-inquiry (Vedanta)
  • Gurukulam (apprenticeship & longer-term lifestyle programs)

Our yoga programs will guide you on a path of union between the body, mind and spirit. Come join us!

Our mission is to promote the time-tested teachings of yoga by working one on one, or in a safe cohesive class setting, with our students.
Serve. Love. Give. Purify. Meditate. Realize. Be Good Do Good. Be Kind. Be Compassionate. -Swami Sivananda

What's New

Updated Photos and Videos from our construction project!

Cob Wall Social!

Our Nanaimo yoga centre project has started back up again and is in full swing. We are having a community day where you can come and learn about natural building, cob, natural plasters and building cob benches. See our Facebook Page for more information.

Yoga Connect Project

Our Yoga Connect Pilot Project has garned us some publicity:
WE'RE ON THE RADIO! Link goes to an mp3 file.
WE'RE IN THE PAPER! Last year a pilot project for 'youth at risk' began at Nanaimo District Secondary School. The idea behind this project came from The Lineage Project of New York City. Both media links are live now.

Call 250-754-9416 or email us using the contact form if you have any questions.
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Master Sivananda
Master Sivananda Teaches Asanas
What Is Classical Yoga?
1) An ancient system of knowledge based on the Vedas and Yoga scriptures. It is not subject to the creativity of an individual.
2) The method of transmission is through a lineage of spiritual teachers (masters/gurus) to students (disciples)- this is called the Gurukula system.
3) It is a complete system. The teachings are not partial; includes body/mind/spirit practices- not only asanas (yoga postures), and includes training in ethics and meditation.
4) It is a discipline and the training is rigorous: it is not a quick fix and takes time. The student needs to be consistent and put in effort.
5) It is universal - not sectarian: the teachings are to benefit all, irrespective of cultural, religious backgrounds and other social conditions.
6) It is selfless - spiritual knowledge can not be sold.
7) The goal is inner peace or Self-realization: i.e. realization of one's highest potentials.
Swami Vishnu-devananda teaches asanas
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